Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Acorns and Golden Oldies

 photo acornblog6_zps76b9893e.jpg
Smokey Quartz gemstones and Sterling silver acorns

This post shows pieces going into the shop that represent new beginnings while reflecting on the past. I read in a Psychology book recently about how it can be beneficial to look back at the ups and downs of your life and work out how you got through the toughest times, and to acknowledge that you always did get back up again. You are meant to learn lessons from your own history and take reassurance from it. Bearing this in mind I created this piece as an ode to new beginnings . I have a strand of these smooth tumbled Smokey Quartz gemstones, that resembled acorns, others can see grapes, buds and even olives - what can you see? I sculpted the stalks , vines and tendrils in Sterling silver. You can see from the picture of the piece in my hand how small and intricate the piece really is (below)

 photo 2b54415b-a524-4a7d-978d-a6a2a31d5f40_zps35c22cf0.jpg

 photo acornblog4_zps9c8afb20.jpg

By way of a coincidence, I also found this significant piece I made years ago. This "Golden Oldie" was created at the height of some really tough times I was going through, and had no sense of control over my situation. This piece represented something of a creative breakthrough in my wirework, which gave me such a sense of hope and serenity in the midst of all that hate being thrown in my direction. I guess I should value the fact that my art and creative outlets have always comes to my rescue whenever I have fallen down, I will always be grateful for that. I hope to get these two pieces in the shop within the next few days :)

 photo goldenoldblog1_zpsede9884e.jpg
14 carat gold and microfaceted  Citrine gemstone

 photo goldenoldblog6_zpsb218992a.jpg

 photo goldenoldblog2_zps5667bd19.jpg

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Samantha Braund

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