Friday, 7 December 2012

Just One More Week to go...


Just one week to go until the end of term. We have worked 15 weeks straight, with 3 exams and multiple tasks set during that time. The other students on the course told me that they have produced as much work during this period, as they have during the whole of the two years for A levels. This course is also pre-degree level, and is intensive tough and diagnostic, so you are kinda forced to try everything at least once

I have now been "diagnosed" by the tutors who have decided to put me in the Fine Art category, which is more than fine with me lol. After xmas there are yet more exams, and then the final 10 week project, then that is it! Of course I get to play for longer in workshops etc as I am technically part time

I love the kids on the course - I have become a little bit attached to them, and they to me - which has really been an unexpected highlight. A lot of them will be there next year on the degree course so we will all stay in touch ....anyway here are some pretty pics of recent work. The image above is a textured acrylic painting I did of a puppet ballerina

The next image is a close up of the details of the dress.... whoami7

The mixed media artwork below is to do with Hopes and Dreams, and uses welded steel flower heads to depict fortified childhood hopes that have survived to this day.




I loved making this piece, everything about it was a new skill learnt. Welding steel, and forming the flower heads in metal workshop - using hardboard as a mixed media painting surface, and the methods used to texture the painted dandelion heads. I really really love this course and there are early indications that I could be up to doing ta Fine Art degree afterwards, as well as my life is looking rosy :)

Samantha Braund

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Long Overdue Update

Crop of a portrait based on a photo of myself at the age of 3 yrs old

I know it has been ages since I've blogged here with an update. The truth is that the university course I am doing has been incredibly hectic, with an exam, then a 3 week intensive project and then another exam. I am now in the middle of a 5 week fine art project and have to draw, paint, and develop ideas into 3D work, as well as make use of workshops such as metal and do contextual studies, all for another ruddy exam, which will be straight after xmas!

So, I have had next to little time to make jewellery or set up my extra shops...this will have to wait til the New Year now. I have been contacted about being featured in 2 magazines, one mermaid fantasy based publication (yay), and the other is a UK based jewellery making magazine - which is all very exciting.

Also I have to say that followers of my work on Facebook and so on have been especially kind and supportive. They have forgiven my lack of jewellery related updates and inspite of dedicating very little time to the shop, I made a fair few sales over the last few months. I am so grateful and humbled by this <3. Another two Mermaid Amulets will be flying off to a new owner by the end of tomorrow if all goes well....the shop is looking a little empty now, I think all the pieces will fit on one Etsy page after this purchase has gone through 0_o  .The funny thing is I have at least a handful of pieces I could list on the shop, but I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day to do all the chores that need doing lol...another job for the new year I think

Anyway, all these images are taken from University coursework. I can honestly say I have been improving with every week that passes. There are examples of collograph printing, metalwork, illustrations and paintings galore in this bunch...I hope you like them

Neville Brody inspired digital art piece

Collograph printing, using dried flower heads

Anselm Kiefer inspired Memory box/coffin, welded in steel, with an unfurling angel's wing on the lid

Illustration and painting of animals from Twycross Zoo

Gorgeous showgirl Flamingos at Twycross zoo

Samantha Braund
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