Friday, 7 February 2014

Grey Skies Seafoam Mermaid Amulet

 photo greyskies5504_zps7934cf09.jpg

This is the latest necklace I finished making today. It is the follow up piece in the Seafoam Collection, inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid short story. The first one as you may recall contained Aqua Blue Chalcedony gemstones, this one contains White Chalcedony gemstones

 photo greyskies5501_zps3354e99b.jpg

These gems arrived in the post a few days ago, and I was instantly captivated by the milky grey - white hues, and I especially loved the luminescent glow that seems to emanate from within the gems themselves. They reminded me of grey rainy skies with the sun peeping from beyond the clouds. I had to start making the necklace within two hours of opening the parcel! I used 5 of the gemstones for this piece, and tried to emulate coral and barnacles with my woven swirls and beads, to create a piece suitable for a Mermaid.

It was a tricky piece to photograph, I do have some high contrast images against a white background, but I personally prefer the grey against grey...for the shop I used a close up crop shot for the primary image. Anyway I am in love with this latest precious and may even anoint it the new "Queen of the Shop" (there is always one lol) . The hubby is very enamoured with this one too which kind of clinches it for me. It is strange though how much I adore colour, riotous bright hues all the way through to sombre darks, and yet my new favourite piece is such a watery, cloudy desaturated coloured piece...very ironic

I hope you love the rest of the views of this piece, which is already in the shop (I've been pretty efficient with listing lately, how unlike me lol)

 photo greyskies5502_zps17633ef1.jpg

 photo greyskies5503_zps156d8ae0.jpg

 photo greyskies5506_zpsa7926123.jpg

 photo greyskies5508_zpsb5d38bed.jpg

Thanks for stopping by :)

Samantha Braund


die amelie said...

OMG, this is sooo adorable!
I really love your wire wrapped jewelry, Samantha!

(I have a book about the how to at home and haven't yet dared try it.... don't ask me why...maybe it is because I am afraid I won't ever manage to do only halfways as beautiful a piece as yours are).

Can't wait to see your first self made book too ;)

Claudia x

Samantha Braund said...

Hi Claudia thanks for commenting!!
I am thrilled you love my jewellery piece, I have been working on wire wrapping for at least 5 years now. It does take practice, so just keep being brave

I made a book before and blogged about it (see the link below)- but I didn't use bookbinding thread, but I am keen to try out this new method. Thanks for your support :)

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