Monday, 27 June 2011

Reflective Musings On The Selling Process

I haven't posted here in a little while, how remiss of me!

In truth I have been a busy little bee, starting the new Etsy shop properly, while still recovering from the mammouth London Jewellery Week

I've made exactly one ring since coming back, which is odd for me, as I do tend to work/create all the time. I think I lost my mojo for a little while there, but I'm not panicking about it...yet LOL

This morning has been spent taking a ridiculously large number of photographs for a few items, that will appear in the Etsy shop this week.

Its a weird business selling online, compared to selling in person. The online selling world is strangely sterile and quiet. I loved chatting to customers, and especially learning what occasion the jewellery was being bought for, or for whom. Even people that were not buying gave me so much in feedback and opinions, and shared parts of their lives in conversation

I am really looking forward to doing the big Contemporary Jewellery show later this year. I'll get to meets lots of people again, and hopefully will be able to impress enough, to do more shows throughout the year

Thats the plan anyway. Just knowing I'm doing the show, is already freeing me up creatively speaking to be able to make some really standout pieces of sculpture. People I'd met in London Jewellery Week, also gave me the confidence to believe in my artistic vision, so I'm going to try and take all that and put it into my work (hopefully)... but for today, it'll just be more photo editing for the Etsy shop LOL

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bye Bye Babies

Pearl Barnacle Cluster Necklace (Shipwreck Jewellery collection)

I had a wonderful time at the Jewel East event, London Jewellery Week.
Being as I work from my home studio, I don't get to meet many other artists, and I was surrounded by loads of them for a whole week!

The most amazing thing for me really, was exposing my work, to the public for the first time ever. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and I'd tried to cover all eventualities. I'd made lots of more commercial looking pieces, at all price ranges, in case people did not take to my more unique jewellery pieces.

However, I could not have been more wrong, because the response was unbelievable. Even people who could not afford to buy anything at the time, felt compelled to tell me how much they loved my art work

It turned out that the more unique, "out there" pieces, which are my main passion, were the jewellery collections that really connected to people. They loved them, and wanted to know all about the creative process too

I was thrilled I can tell you! The whole experience has given me such a boost, and has given me a lot more faith in my creative self. I don't think any artist can ask for more really.

By the way, I am in the process of setting my Etsy online shop. There will be jewellery available to purchase from 20th June 2011 if all goes to plan :)

Anyway, here are some of my most beloved pieces that have now been sold, and gone to new owners and new homes. I will miss them terribly LOL

Aquamarine Necklace from the Mermaid Amulet collection

Pearl Barnacle Cluster Bracelet (Shipwreck Jewellery Collection)

Peridot Genie from the Genie In A Bottle Collection

Persephone from the Goddess Collection

Lemon-Smokey Bicolour Quartz and sterling Necklace

Friday, 3 June 2011

Samantha Braund Jewellery To Exhibit At Jewel East

(the latest press release)

Samantha Braund Jewellery's signature organic free flowing style is encapsulated in her Gemstone Circles Collection

The idea behind these sculpted pieces, was to create a vignette of a natural landscape, that can be worn

Inspired by natural forms seen in nature, these pendants contain intricate vignettes of tendrils and swirls, weaved in sterling silver. The gemstones lend themselves to being interpreted as flower buds, or dew drops, given their faceted glistening nature.

The whole scene is captured within a circle, where the negative space created by it, balances out the "chaotic" organic elements, mimicking nature itself. The overall appearance is very satisfying

Each gemstone circle is unique and has its own character, and inspirational source. The Spring Awakening Gemstone Circle is full of green faceted gemstones such Fluorite and Peridot to represent the feel of the first flush of green seen in Spring. The Ocean Cluster Gemstone Circle contains freshwater pearls and a Blue Chalcedony gemstone inspired by ocean sea life

This collection, amongst many others , will be available to purchase at the Jewel East event, at Old Spitalfields Market, 6th -12th June 2011.

To view other collections to be presented at Jewel East, go to the Gallery pages of
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