Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Countess Collection

**Click the thumbnail to view the full Countess Collection**

Ages ago I made this little creative breakthrough combining my sterling wire sculptures with fine silver, to create this pendant blogged about HERE

I finally got round to creating a collection around it. The original one is my own, but I have made 5 new pieces.

I called it the Countess Collection, because they all look rather grand and ornate (they look better IRL, it has to be said)

They will be with me at Spitalfields Market, Jewel East event during London Jewellery Week. Prepearing for this event has been both stressful, and equally has proven to be an amazing motivator

Anyway, here are more pics...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Genie In A Bottle Collection

Contemporary Sculpted Genie Bottles - The spirit of the genie is captured within the gemstones. The pendants are sculpted in sterling silver, and contain various large AAA quality cubic zirconia gemstones

The Genie In A Bottle Collection, is a collection that has been a longtime in the making for me.

I made my first prototype genie bottle in 2009 with silver plated wire,a nd not a lot of experience LOL. I am really proud of these Genies and will continue to make them for the shop, as an ongoing collection.

I am taking these six necklaces with me to London Jewellery Week.I will confirm where I'll be exactly, during that week, soon...

I've posted images of all six genies below. Enjoy all the pretty!!!

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Gaia Necklace Collection


The Gaia Necklace Collection

The Gaia Hypothesis
"The Earth System behaves as a single, self-regulating system with physical, chemical, biological, and human components"

I loved the idea that the Earth itself is a self regulating complex organism in its own right, and that all the elements natural and human are linked. Gaia, of course, is the Ancient Greek Goddess Mother Earth

This collection is inspired by this idea. I used a central gemstone to represent the planet, and have handwoven, beautiful Tourmaline rondelles around the "planets" to represent the elements and the biosphere.

The central gemstones, are a blue and a yellow cloudy Aquamarine gemstones, and two Indian Jasper gemstones, one a deep green, the other a pinky/reddy brown

I hope you enjoy the pictures

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