Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sorry For The Recent Inactivity!

I have been on a health kick this year, while trying to keep things ticking over with the creativity. Unfortunately I have sustained a few exercise induced injuries along the way. The latest is the most annoying, as it involves a slipped intervertebral disc in the neck, which has resulted in the nerves in both arms being affected, so I am busy "rehabbing" but am unable to do much with the arms and hands.

Once I am over the worst I will be back to making more pieces for the shops. The good news is that I have achieved significant weight loss and my fitness has improved too despite the current predicament lol. I have also sold a few pieces including the Cascade Mermaid Amulet featured in the last post (she will be missed)

  Anyway, thanks for the support and I look forward to creating and posting here again xxx Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund
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