Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nieces Flowerpots


I made so many paper roses for Valentines (see last post) that I decided to make a couple of Spring time flower pots for my nieces, and a bouquet for my sister. I used the 80 gsm coloured copy paper to make the roses. The thinner the paper the more lovely swirls and spirals you get to create your rose...I'll probably post a quick mini tutorial on how I made the roses soon

I drew out a flower pot shape on a piece of paper and used it as a template to cut the pots out of thicker cardstock. I then sponged a mix of brown, black and yellow acrylic paint to create a mottled shabby flower pot
I had recently purchased a pretty lace border punch, which I used to create an embellishment for the pots

I used my Tim Holtz Sizzix Decorative strip dies, that contained leaves and greenery, and left the dies in place, while I sponged a random mix of greens, blue, yellow and white all over the strips. This was one of my favourite steps lol, very messy. Once dry, I pulled apart the die leaving a pleasing mass of variegated green foliage to use

I made a sturdy base card , painted and stamped the surface, then set about laying down the foliage into a pleasing composition. Then the pots went on next, and then the roses - I used tacky glue and permanent tape to secure everything. The base is such that it can fold down flat, making it easier for me to post, then, it will open up into a triangular easel. Matting with patterned paper strengthened the supporting structure
Then the cards were taken into the back garden and photographed lol... very fitting scenery for them I thought, anyway, I hope you like them (and fingers crossed, so will my nieces)

Thanks for looking ...

Samantha Braund

Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine Paper Roses Topper

 I like to use recycled brown paper for my packaging - I just like that rustic look. This time however the present was such an awkward shape to wrap that the effect looked crumpled and not pleasing lol... I figured I needed a distraction to save them, and created a topper that can be tied around the present.

I was inspired by 1920's flapper headpieces! They had all those diamonte and feather pieces clustered attractively together, attached to ribbons and headbands which wrapped around the head ... so I fashioned my own roses and flourishes version which could be tied around the misshapen present lol ..... Like so!

I even used the extra bits and pieces left over to fashion an embellishment for the little present. I think the tiny rose is sooo cute!!

 Making these paper roses was so easy to do, and look pretty cute and effective when glued down together. I will do a How -to photo tutorial when I make my next project using these little ones. I have something in mind for my sister and nieces and these roses will be perfect for that!

As you can see I glued and mounted the roses onto a grunged up piece of cardstock and glued the ribbons to the base, so that the topper could be tied around the gift. Tim Holtz decorative strip dies (a greenery one I think) did the job in creating these delicate leaves and tendrils to embellish the paper roses
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks for looking ...

Samantha Braund

Monday, 2 February 2015

House Of Cards Doodle

This doodle was the result of watching the last few episodes of House of Cards (season 2)!! I believe the intense political wranglings on the screen resulted in one of my most erratic, convoluted doodles yet!!

 I cannot wait for season 3, I'm a fan of the original British series and had been reluctant to watch the US version because of that....however so many friends were raving about it, I succumbed and am now officially hooked lol!! Ooh that Frank Underwood is devious one lol... it's very Shakespearian , a cross between Richard the Third and Macbeth !!

Thanks for looking ...

Samantha Braund

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