Sunday, 25 December 2011

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Musings On Photography

This is one of my latest pieces, from the Mermaid Amulet Series.
The gemstone is a cloudy sky blue Aquamarine nugget.I really love this necklace, it's another of my personal favourites

I've been photographing my work for a while now, and never feel completely satisfied with the results. Selling online draws even more pressure into the equation, given that the photography is key

So I have been taking a bit of time to practice with different backgrounds, and lighting angles etc. I want to get hold of some more natural materials too, and have a play with those.

Anyway here are a few photos of this piece... with a few little lighting touches that are new for me :)

Hope you like them :))

Monday, 5 December 2011

Embracing The New Dawn

The year is almost up, and I'm feeling all kinds of emotions these days about the way everything is heading

I will have a milestone birthday early next year, which I'm NOT looking forward too lol. I'm trying to keep all my successes and failures, hardships and high points in perspective. It has been a rough few years and yet that is counterbalanced by this amazing surge of creativity that has taken over my life so completely

I wondered is it enough to create things at home, and go on your own spiritual journey, without anyone seeing your work. I did this for a long while, I had boxes full of little treasures, that I never wore, and that were never seen lol

Financially I had to take the plunge really, just to be able to sustain my passion. This meant trying to sell, which seemed like a pride swallowing activity, of self promotion and soullessness. Thats what I thought anyway

However, people love my work, and the little fantasy world I occupy, and most touchingly, they want to use my jewellery to honour their loved ones on special occasions. This has been amazing. I've loved hearing the events my work has been bought for - it's been a real highlight for me

The other big plus about going public with my work, has been the feedback and support from other artists. Like minded artists inspiring each other, congratulating and commiserating with each other. I've been taken aback by how wonderful the whole experience with them has been

This year I have gone from being invisible, to publicly finding my own creative voice, having an online shop, selling at prestigious craft fairs and being made Metal clay Artist of the Month, by the years end!

Next year is going to be bringing more high end shows for me to agonise over, more face to face time with art lovers, a commission from the British Museum Grenville Shop(yes, the British Museum in London...more about that later), and possibly a magazine cover and artist profile!

How unbelieveable is all of that! ... oh well bring on that milestone birthday, I'll take it on the chin, because who knows where I'll be in a year from now :))

To finish with, here are the latest pieces in the shop today. Enjoy the pics ...

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