Thursday, 28 April 2011

London Jewellery Week

There's been a new development in my plans.

I was to open the Etsy shop first, then make new items to sell at offline venues. And to be fair, I have made a lot of jewellery pieces recently

However, I'm going to be participating in this years London Jewellery Week(LJW), and need enough jewellery pieces available to sell for the whole week...
This event is in 5 weeks time, so I'm up against the clock, as it were

So I've decided to put the Etsy shop on hold until LJW - I can stock out the shop with tons of goodies then, without the stress

I will post here with updates if anything changes in this regard.

I will be taking photos of my progress though. I am currently working on the Gaia collection, and Genie In A Bottle Collection :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Birthday Break

You may have noticed the Etsy shop still stands empty at present
The reason for this is because, I've taken an impromptu birthday break.
It's a combination of good timing with the hubby's annual leave, and feeling exhausted LOL

Its also our 15th year anniversary too. So we are taking off for some quality time, which will no doubt involve bubble baths, shopping, and generally letting my hair down

I hope to come back refreshed, and ready to do my duty by the Etsy shop and selling offline (more news about when and where later)

See you soon :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Have Sold A Jewellery Piece

I have sold one of my beloved Gemstone circle necklaces. The green Amethyst, Flourite and Peridot one.

I should be ecstatic, its one of my higher end, expensive pieces, so from a cold commerce perspective this is good news. However, as a soppy artist who cherishes all their creations, I'll be so sad to let this piece go

The gemstone circles collection has grown a little, with two new additions, a Rhodolite Garnet necklace, with a clustered trio of marquise shaped briolettes, that resemble flower buds

The other new piece is an African Amethyst necklace, with two beautiful purple gemstones nestled amongst tendrils of sterling silver

I have actually made 8 new necklaces as well as these, and am adding bracelets to my stash too. I'm making a start on earrings as well.I'll just have to decide which pieces will live in the Etsy shop and which will come with me to sell offline . Decisions, Decisions!!

Enjoy the pictures...

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I've Been So Busy My Hands Have Said No!

I have been making so many pieces lately, all wire sculpted jewellery too, that today my hands are swollen and achy, which has never happened before!

This enforced rest day has been quite nice actually.Of course, it has hit me that I'm yet to actually put any items in the Etsy shop...I'd actually forgotten! I'm making items to sell offline and put it out of my mind

So this week I will start to put things in the shop LOL. I will be including my Greek Goddess Collection (the picture is of Athena), and the Gemstone Circles made so far, as well as the Mermaid Amulets.

I think I'll list them, on Etsy a few at a time though, as everyone tends to advise
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