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Boho Pendant Free Prize Giveaway 2015 by Samantha Braund Jewellery

Welcome to the Samantha Braund Jewellery Free Prize Giveaway Contest 2015. The Giveaway winner will receive both of these Boho Copper wirewrapped pendants, each uniquely sculpted containing a pinky - purple dyed Sea Sediment Jasper gemstone. The prize will be sent onto the winner FREE of charge via Royal mail  tracking and signed for service (for peace of mind). The winner's name will be randomly selected on 11th July 2015 (so mark your calendars!) . The contest is open worldwide as long as there is a reliable postal service where you are situated

The reason behind the giveaway this year is to celebrate that the Samantha Braund Jewellery page is  approaching 3000 likes on Facebook. It is also to celebrate the fact that 4 years ago was the first time I showed anyone in the general public my jewellery pieces for sale, before then they sat in boxes hidden away in drawers at home, and I would post the odd photo of them on Facebook and blogger for my friends to see :) We have come along way since then and it is nice to celebrate that!


1. LIKE  Samantha Braund Jewellery Facebook Page if you haven't already.

2. LIKE and comment on the Photo album of the Giveaway Prizes from my jewellery page

3. SHARE this album on your own Facebook page and set that post as viewable to the public .  Click HERE for details on how to do this

4. SHARE  this blog post on Twitter  and you will get your name added to the pot again !
Click HERE for details on how to do this and where to post the link on FB for me to find

5. SHARE one of the images from the Giveaway Contest 2015 on Instagram and you will get your name added to the pot again! Click HERE for details on how to do this and where to post your link to it on FB for me to find

6. The contest will end on 11th July 2015 and the winners name will be pulled out at random and shown on video. You will get the opportunity to have your name added to the pot up to 3 times maximum

7. EXTRA RULE!! - If you purchase something from the shop before 11th July 2015 you will get your name added to the draw again and thereby get an extra chance at winning!! (This only occurred to me as one of the prize draw contenders bought something today and I thought it would be a nice gesture to add their name again :) )

**IMPORTANT INFO - How I will Find Your Name To Put In The Pot
I will be going round FB and adding your names to the draw by seeing who has shared the post for the Giveaway, which is why you have to set that post to" public" , and then I will look in the comments section to see links for where you've shared the post on Twitter and Instagram

This is what your post will look like on Facebook if done correctly :)  You can either share one of the photos or the whole album

1. Share the photo or album to your page
2. Set post to Public (globe symbol)
3. Write something nice about the prizes or the Giveaway!
4. Link your Tweet about the Giveaway  in the comments
5. Link your Instagram post about the Giveaway in the comments

Any questions you can message me  or comment on Facebook. Good Luck everyone!!!

Samantha Braund

Giveaway Contest - Instagram Rules

You have a chance to get your name added to the pot again by posting about the Giveaway on you Instagram account. Once you have done this you will need to leave a link to it on FB for me to find. Here's how to do it

1.Use your smartphone to click on one of the Facebook photos about the Giveaway contest 2015 and save the image to your phone device. Then upload to Instagram the usual way you do using the Instagram app on your phone. Mention to go to Samantha Braund Jewellery Facebook page in the description for the image too

There are 2 methods of generating the URL for your instagram post  for the image. Via your computer or via your smartphone

Via Your Smartphone

1. Tap the 3 dot symbol on your Instagram post about the Giveaway

2. This will give you a drop down menu, click the "Copy Share URL" button see below. Your device will have copied the URL onto it's clipboard ready to paste somewhere

3. Go to your FB page, and the post about the Giveaway. Paste the URL in the comments section of the post for me to find see below

4. It should look like this on your FB page, see the red circled number 5 below

Via Your Computer

1. Go to your instagram profile page online. It will be
(see below)

2. Click the image that you have uploaded about the Giveaway contest 2015 and copy the URL for this image from the browser (see below). Then go to your FB post about the Giveaway and paste it into the comments :)

Good Luck!! The end date for the contest is 11th July 2015 :)






Giveaway Contest 2015 - Tweeting Rules

You have a chance to get your name added to the pot again by Tweeting about the Giveaway. Then you need to link your Tweet on FB for me to find to count you in. Here's how to do it!!
1. Share the blog post detailing the Giveaway Contest (2015) to your Twitter account. Do this by scrolling to the bottom of the blog post and clicking the twitter symbol as shown below 
2. Now go to your Twitter account and click the 3 dots symbol on your tweet about the contest. This will lead to a drop down menu. Click the "Copy Link To Tweet" button, as shown below
3. This will generate a URL link for you to copy ( see below), then go to your Facebook post about the Giveaway, and Paste the URL in the comments. I will see it there and add your name again to the pot for the Giveaway

4. This is what it should look like on your Facebook page (see the number 4 circled in red, below)

Prize Draw will be on 11th July 2015 , Good Luck!!!

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