Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shipwrecked Valentine Amulet

 photo shipval550-5_zps7d5662f0.jpg

Here is the latest piece, it is another Valentine themed necklace inspired this time by my Shipwreck Jewellery collection. In my mind, an ornate jewellery piece has been lost in time on a shipwrecked vessel, and is found covered with barnacles and marine life. This is the first one of my Shipwreck jewellery pieces that has contained a faceted gemstone, usually I like to use smooth tumbled gemstones for this collection. However, I was inspired by the Titanic and thought about all those precious gems and jewellery lost in the ocean depths over the years

This necklace contains a marquise cut AAA Garnet Cubic Zirconia gemstone and is sculpted in Sterling silver wire. I hope you like it. I will try to get this piece into the shop tomorrow

I'm on a bit of a jewellery making roll at the moment, but as those that know me are aware that I am incredibly faddish - so I will keep going while I am in the mood, for the benefit of the shop at least. I do feel the illness drama of last year put a dent in my progress, but nevermind, these things happen. I'll be back at uni soon enough, with more work I can handle probably! No rest for the wicked ...

 photo shipval550-3_zpsd3d09746.jpg

 photo shipval550-6_zps68521cd8.jpg

 photo shipval550-4_zps35b20cd5.jpg

 photo shipval550-2_zps0934a074.jpg

 photo shipval550-1_zpsc2a269e3.jpg

Thanks so much for stopping by xx

Samantha Braund

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