Friday, 10 January 2014

Etching and Plaster Alchemy...

 photo blogalchemy1_zpsc578bb1a.jpg

I'm ever so excited about my latest mixed media experimental work. I have finally made a start on Copper and Brass etching, which has been amazing fun!

I have also come up with a way of turning plaster into antiqued gold lol! Yes, I have achieved alchemy...Ok, not really, but I have achieved some really cool results

These are my first attempts at etching. I used Copper and Brass sheeting, and Ferric Chloride, using archival ink as a resist. The results are beautiful aren't they...I cannot wait to include them in my books or mixed media artwork.

 photo blogalchemy2_zpsfe857cfe.jpg
Etched Brass Sheeting with Paisely design

 photo blogalchemy3_zpsa87a2cc0.jpg
Etched Copper Sheet with Flourishes

The experiments with plaster came about through sheer "miserly-ness". I have no idea how everyone affords buying in metal components for each and every project they work on?

 I had purchased steampunk brass stampings and Tim Holtz metal embellishments and dreaded them running out after I thought I'd make moulds of them in silicone and attempt to cast them in plaster. I do use a plaster formulation that is slightly stronger than plaster of paris, as I find plaster of paris can be quite crumbly and not strong enough for the next stage of the process

The castings turned out really well as you can see...
 photo blogalchemy7_zpsba7b3710.jpg

The next stage involved using an inexpensive alunimium metal foil to cover the plaster forms. I then burnished the foil into all the nooks and crannies to highlight as much of the detail as possible. Then using acrylic paint I set about distressing the foil to appear like antiqued gold! 

This is the skull and cross bones version I did, all ready to adorn a new pirate book or treasure chest!
 photo blogalchemy6_zpsdac6d535.jpg

I even attempted to alter a very shiny polymer flower I had made in 2009. I used the same techniques as above and transformed it into an antiqued gilded floral ornament ready for use!!
 photo blogalchemy5_zps0e976c8d.jpg

 photo blogalchemy4_zpsb111a024.jpg

All in all, I enjoyed playing with all my metals , both faux and real !! Hope you like the pics :)

Samantha Braund


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Hi Samantha - glad to see you're back in action. Hope you're back to good health now. Love the etched pieces. I can really see how this technique will fit in with your work - how exciting!
All the best
Kristin :)

Samantha Braund said...

Hey Kristin, thanks for that, I appreciate it :)! I am in love with that grungy etched metal look

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