Monday, 22 July 2013

The Bride Wore Red...

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I had to share these photos with the kind permission of the Bride and Groom of course. The beautiful lady with the red dress and the black feather boa is wearing the Red Freshwater Pearl Bridal Coral Drop necklace on her wedding day!

The Coral Drop necklaces were conceived as usual with Mermaids in mind lol, but they turned out looking rather bridal, hence the wordy title. I think the freshwater pearls give the necklaces that quality. The Red and Turquoise pieces from the collection have been sold, leaving the Peach, Lilac and White necklaces left in the shop. I am going to try and put together matching accessories such as earrings, when I make more of these in the future. Anyway, I will leave you with these photos and will be back soon with images from my Holi Charms necklace collection which will be appearing in the shop soon

Bye for now and thanks for reading

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Samantha Braund

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