Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I Made A Book From Scratch!

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The Marble Book

This is a very image heavy post I am afraid, so I apologise up front. This is a book I made over the weekend for a friend. I made it from scratch, starting with painting the pages, then constructing the hardback cover, and finally decorating the cover . I wanted it to have a more feminine feel, with a touch of sophistication, like my friend :)

The cover has a faux leather effect I created with acrylic paint on a textured surface, and the marbled eff...ect is a something I came up with a few months ago using collage materials, and wax. I blogged about the process in this post HERE and this is a link to a finished mixed media piece I made using the same technique I call the piece "Squidy" lol

I had some left over scraps of wax papers from these projects which I incorporated into making the book. I’ve included plenty of pics including some process ones of the book, so I hope you like it! The reaction to my recent foray into book making and altered book covers has been sooo positive that I that these will feature strongly in one of the shops I'll be setting up within the next 12 months or so.They are almost like a guilty pleasure for me, and are polar opposite to my jewellery work in terms of discipline. I usually do something like this for fun to unwind as a break from the jewellery,so it's fab to know people love this side of me too! I think altered art is so much fun and I know the hubby loves that he finally gets to be able to use the things I make, as they are not restricted to being pieces for women to wear lol. He has already taken the Twisted Tree and Shipwrecked Pirate Captain's book for himself...he did not get this one though!

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Samantha Braund


butterfly said...

Another absolute beauty... I'm signing up to follow now! So glad your OCC entry brought me here...
Alison x

Samantha Braund said...

Thankyou Alison xx

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