Thursday, 28 April 2011

London Jewellery Week

There's been a new development in my plans.

I was to open the Etsy shop first, then make new items to sell at offline venues. And to be fair, I have made a lot of jewellery pieces recently

However, I'm going to be participating in this years London Jewellery Week(LJW), and need enough jewellery pieces available to sell for the whole week...
This event is in 5 weeks time, so I'm up against the clock, as it were

So I've decided to put the Etsy shop on hold until LJW - I can stock out the shop with tons of goodies then, without the stress

I will post here with updates if anything changes in this regard.

I will be taking photos of my progress though. I am currently working on the Gaia collection, and Genie In A Bottle Collection :)

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