Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mixed Media Soft Bound Book Experiments

 photo mmbookcovercrops_zps03436e51.jpg

Happy New Year 2015! (Image heavy post by the way....)

I am still rehabbing my shoulder, which still means no jewellery making for the time being, so I have had to be creative about being creative lol. I have been really getting into my painting as you may recall from my last couple of posts, and really felt a strong urge to transfigure my 2D art form into a 3D artform. I loved the idea of book covers incorporating my work in a grungy style and did some research and found a lot of interesting ideas (on Pinterest of course) and online courses about how to proceed

I am still in an experimental phase, especially with regard to getting decent image transfers of my work onto irregular fabric like surfaces, but it is looking promising overall. The books will be soft bound eventually, and the covers have a wonderful, flexible, leather like feel to them (see the image below). The edges are satisfyingly grungy and it reeks of old world charm, like undiscovered pirate maps found on a shipwreck !

My first attempt went "wrong", my image transfers didn't work and left strange marks on the surface and I went overboard trying to correct the composition, but I found that I can get very satisfying cropped images (see the end of the post) which I can use as transfers themselves or incorporate them into other work...nothing is ever wrong really in expressive work - that's the moral for me at least lol)

Anyway it has been a wonderful start to the year, and I hope my health improves further too, so that I can become my normal studio obsessed self  again lol. I hope to create some wonderful books and paintings for an arts shop , so this is a nice first step . I have embedded a slideshow video of the experiments so far

 photo mmbookcov1_zps7d72603a.jpg

 photo mmbookcovercrops1_zpsa4090076.jpg

 photo mmbookco6_zps955c5510.jpg

 photo mmbookco7_zps382e8a22.jpg

 photo mmbookco1_zps03a16e9d.jpg

 photo mmbookco3_zps54762e24.jpg

 photo mmbookco5_zps63cce81f.jpg

 photo mmbookco2_zps49b07854.jpg

 photo mmbookco4_zps0c4e6f5b.jpg

Mixed Media Book Cover Experiments

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