Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bird On A Branch Daily Sketch

My shoulder is acting up today, which could mean I have been over doing all the studio play this week, since starting my Daily sketch project lol...I may have to rest it :(
Anyway, this is the latest , which started life as a sketch in biro, then shaded with indian ink. I then got invested and embellished it a bit lol...I do love this one though, I hope you do too. I was also directed to a website where you can turn your artwork into products like Tote bags and mugs etc, so I used this image to see what a cushion would look like and I love it lol (see below)
Isn't that cute?!!


BluMoon said...

What a sweet little sketch, it makes such a lovely cushion too did you actually have it made into one?
I do admire your beautiful wire wrapped jewellery it is so intricate a exquisite!

Samantha Braund said...

Hi Jackie, thanks so much :))
No I haven't actually got the cushion made up, I just got a kick out of seeing what it would look like. I am tempted to get one for the hubby though at some point

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