Thursday, 15 September 2011

Symbiosis - Algae, Lichen and Coral

I'm becoming obsessed with my new pet project.

Lichens arise in those amazing natural forms , shapes and colours because of the mutually beneficial relationship between algae and fungi, whereas coral arises from the same symbiotic reliance formed between algae and marine invertebrates

Sometimes Lichen and Coral look so similar to each other, in macro it's hard to tell them apart.

Anyway, I'm in love with this subject (blame the growing collection of coral sitting on my work bench). So. I'll be in lockdown, holed up in the studio because of this burning idea I have in mind, thats erupted from my new obsession.

My husband will be so pleased(not), he often catches me with a glazed look, and makes the mistake of asking whats on my mind, only to be regaled with the wonders of radial symmetry in marine invertebrates or some such nonsense. He's going to love my new found algae/lichen/coral fixation won't he?!

Anyway I've included some images of Corals, and Lichen colonies, and have mixed them up just to confuse you LOL. The sources for all the images (and tons more), can be found HERE at my Flickr Favourites page. now I'll grab a bite, and head to the studio :)

Samantha Braund

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