Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Naming A New Collection

These circular sculpted pieces are becoming a signature of mine.I love making them, and they deserve a good name. I just haven't managed to come up with one?! Circles of Life? ...thats the closest I've come to it

The inspirations are mainly drawn from nature, oceans, woodlands, etc. Nature Circles maybe? it all sounds trite, but I have to come up with something for the Etsy shop section that will house them

As for the Etsy shop, I've written the policies, and killed myself taking photos last week, so I just have to edit the shop info and add items

I'm also looking at offline selling locales, so I'm busy making tons of jewellery to sell there. I think I'm exhausting myself LOL


Wanaree said...

I love this series Samantha! So flowing and organic, the negative space makes them so striking... kudos!

Samantha Braund said...

Thanks sweetie..still stuck for a name though :(

The negative space aspect is probably my favourite thing, which sounds weird but it makes them so satisfying to look at

KosimkArt said...

This is great!, so oryginal!

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