Friday, 1 March 2013

One Of My Best Days Ever!!

 photo e61b929e-5c1e-4c45-a632-8d9202eb1471_zps62b19559.jpg

I really have had one of the best days today at university, no exaggeration...

First I was "headhunted" by one the Fashion Textiles tutor who loves my work and thinks I would be a good fit there, which in turn annoyed my Fine Art's tutor who also loves my work and wants me to stay put! then I was told by 5 separate people that I look 10 yrs younger than my actual age. They were truly shocked when they found out how old I was, and this made me feel fabulous, then the 3D tutor asked me whether she could refer other students to me for advice on copper foldforming, which was really flattering considering I am just a beginner.... not bad for a Friday afternoon .

I also had such a laughter filled time with the "kids" in my bay, I am going to miss them soo much when the holidays come . I think I really love them, how weird is that.....Anyway these photos are of some experiments I did in Glass Workshop , aren't they great, some are made up of broken shards of glass and other from clustered heaps of molten glass fragments and coloured powders. I'll be working on combining one with copper foldformed pieces this weeken (hmmmm wish me luck....)

 photo f7dc2f7f-8182-4174-99f7-ab6efaf9676a_zpsc23d225b.jpg

 photo 8c483cc3-3e3e-4dac-8333-80af416473cf_zpsb1b62133.jpg

 photo 90035786-45ad-4742-9827-bb64b211b81c_zpse25e2563.jpg

Samantha Braund

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