Friday, 7 December 2012

Just One More Week to go...


Just one week to go until the end of term. We have worked 15 weeks straight, with 3 exams and multiple tasks set during that time. The other students on the course told me that they have produced as much work during this period, as they have during the whole of the two years for A levels. This course is also pre-degree level, and is intensive tough and diagnostic, so you are kinda forced to try everything at least once

I have now been "diagnosed" by the tutors who have decided to put me in the Fine Art category, which is more than fine with me lol. After xmas there are yet more exams, and then the final 10 week project, then that is it! Of course I get to play for longer in workshops etc as I am technically part time

I love the kids on the course - I have become a little bit attached to them, and they to me - which has really been an unexpected highlight. A lot of them will be there next year on the degree course so we will all stay in touch ....anyway here are some pretty pics of recent work. The image above is a textured acrylic painting I did of a puppet ballerina

The next image is a close up of the details of the dress.... whoami7

The mixed media artwork below is to do with Hopes and Dreams, and uses welded steel flower heads to depict fortified childhood hopes that have survived to this day.




I loved making this piece, everything about it was a new skill learnt. Welding steel, and forming the flower heads in metal workshop - using hardboard as a mixed media painting surface, and the methods used to texture the painted dandelion heads. I really really love this course and there are early indications that I could be up to doing ta Fine Art degree afterwards, as well as my life is looking rosy :)

Samantha Braund

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