Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pearl Barnacle Cluster Necklaces

These necklaces are part of the Shipwrecked Jewellery Collection, based on the idea that gemstones and jewellery pieces are left on marooned shipwrecked vessels beneath the sea

These pieces lost in time, accumulate barnacles and other marine life, creating part living organic wearable sculptures

The Barnacle cluster collection is very much inspired by the theme, and each necklace contains clusters of freshwater pearls handwoven in sterling silver, nestled amongst fine silver barnacles and shells

I am taking this collection with me to the Desire Fair I'm doing at the end of the week. It will be one of ten collections I'll be exhibiting wonder my hands are so tired

I've spent the whole day with the hubby arranging the layout of pieces and props, for the show. It was exhausting, and fun at the same time. I still have a few items to make unbelieveably, and have almost run out of time.

Anyway here are the photos of the rest of the collection...

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

Samantha Braund xx


Wanaree said...

These are all so wonderful Sam!! xx

Carolina Sanchez said...

I love the idea behind this collection and your work is amazing!

You should hold on to the knowledge that you are truly talented, like a light, when you feel the shadow of doubt creeping up on you =)

Lovely blog =)

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