Saturday, 16 May 2015

Giveaway Contest - Instagram Rules

You have a chance to get your name added to the pot again by posting about the Giveaway on you Instagram account. Once you have done this you will need to leave a link to it on FB for me to find. Here's how to do it

1.Use your smartphone to click on one of the Facebook photos about the Giveaway contest 2015 and save the image to your phone device. Then upload to Instagram the usual way you do using the Instagram app on your phone. Mention to go to Samantha Braund Jewellery Facebook page in the description for the image too

There are 2 methods of generating the URL for your instagram post  for the image. Via your computer or via your smartphone

Via Your Smartphone

1. Tap the 3 dot symbol on your Instagram post about the Giveaway

2. This will give you a drop down menu, click the "Copy Share URL" button see below. Your device will have copied the URL onto it's clipboard ready to paste somewhere

3. Go to your FB page, and the post about the Giveaway. Paste the URL in the comments section of the post for me to find see below

4. It should look like this on your FB page, see the red circled number 5 below

Via Your Computer

1. Go to your instagram profile page online. It will be
(see below)

2. Click the image that you have uploaded about the Giveaway contest 2015 and copy the URL for this image from the browser (see below). Then go to your FB post about the Giveaway and paste it into the comments :)

Good Luck!! The end date for the contest is 11th July 2015 :)






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