Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine Paper Roses Topper

 I like to use recycled brown paper for my packaging - I just like that rustic look. This time however the present was such an awkward shape to wrap that the effect looked crumpled and not pleasing lol... I figured I needed a distraction to save them, and created a topper that can be tied around the present.

I was inspired by 1920's flapper headpieces! They had all those diamonte and feather pieces clustered attractively together, attached to ribbons and headbands which wrapped around the head ... so I fashioned my own roses and flourishes version which could be tied around the misshapen present lol ..... Like so!

I even used the extra bits and pieces left over to fashion an embellishment for the little present. I think the tiny rose is sooo cute!!

 Making these paper roses was so easy to do, and look pretty cute and effective when glued down together. I will do a How -to photo tutorial when I make my next project using these little ones. I have something in mind for my sister and nieces and these roses will be perfect for that!

As you can see I glued and mounted the roses onto a grunged up piece of cardstock and glued the ribbons to the base, so that the topper could be tied around the gift. Tim Holtz decorative strip dies (a greenery one I think) did the job in creating these delicate leaves and tendrils to embellish the paper roses
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks for looking ...

Samantha Braund

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