Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Getting Back On The Horse!

I haven't blogged an update here in a long time because quite frankly it would have been too depressing to document everything! Suffice it to say, that I have been looked after very well by the wonderful Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons in hospital, and thank goodness really because there were some scary moments during the last few weeks. Swellings in the neck were compressing my windpipe and making swallowing difficult in addition to a raging infection, in my jaw bone, that the antibiotics just couldn't seem to get a handle on! I ended up on antibiotics for 6 weeks continuously - can you imagine how that has affected my system as a whole....so I am taking my recovery time seriously and at a slow pace. My energy levels are not great at the moment but everyday I get stronger, so that's good. Anyway, the drama should be over for he most part now (touch wood)

I am itching to get back to being creative and have many ideas and experiments I'd like to work on. The only pieces left to list in the shop are the Spider Conch necklaces (the Peacock freshwater pearl one is in the photo above)...I still haven't edited the photos, so that chore is still hanging over me lol. Outside of that, it should be a case of all new work, which is so exciting... I'd really love to combine my jewellery making and book making , in addition to my usual style of pieces -we'll see...for now I am just happy to be back home and on the mend :)

Thanks so much for the supportive emails and well wishes they have meant so much to me. I need to acknowledge them all, when I can, and mostly thanks for being so patient lol .

The Prize Giveaway went very well - I didn't really get a chance to appreciate that fact until now really. I loved all the interactions and excitement induced by the event, and the video was sooo much fun to do. I will definitely do more Giveaways in the future. The best part for me is how happy the Prize winners are (yay!) and all the new fans of my jewellery page. The numbers have continued to climb despite my sick leave, which is so encouraging. I definitely would suggest following my Samantha Braund Jewellery Facebook Page for special offers, previews of new collections and more frequent updates

Bye for now xx

Lemon and Cognac Quartz Holi Charm Necklace (in the shop now)


Samantha Braund


Vivian said...

Hi Samantha. I noticed some folks coming over to my blog from you and clicked on over. Your work is exquisite. All of it. So glad to have found you here! And that you for linking to me! I really appreciate it. Vivian

Samantha Braund said...

Awwh thankyou Vivian, I love your work.I appreciate you stopping over to say hello :)

Nancy Carreau said...

Dear Samantha, I to know how it is to feel sick I had water on the brain from someone coming in my house at 2 in the morning but I spent 6 weeks in hosp not awake but because of the that I had so many ideas in my head when I came to I drew in my journal something's I never would have thought of. Good luck I look forward to seeing some of your new work. Yours in mutual concern a friend nancy

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